On Wednesday 10th October we held our event in celebration of the “International of Older Person’s” and it was a great success.  

It was attended by around 70 older people from the local and wider community who enjoyed the sit down exercise class to music provided by Joan followed by a game of play your cards right, higher-higher, lower-lower. The raffle awarded three well packed food hampers followed by a game of bingo. A buffet lunch of sandwiches with pork pie/sausage rolls along with a cup of tea or coffee was followed by various cakes which were enjoyed by all.  The afternoon’s entertainment was provided by Mr Stevie Fields, a singer who sang songs giving people the opportunity to sing-along.  

Everyone said how they had enjoyed their day and that the room was set out in a more friendly way. Instead of the tables being in long rows where everyone seemed to be close together the tables were set in squares seating 10 people creating more space.